• Electric scooter maintenance knowledge
    2019-06-01 01:51:27

    The life of lead-acid batteries used in electric scooters has a lot to do with the daily use and maintenance of users. Generally speaking, the following points should be noted:

    1. Develop the habit of using the battery as you use it, so that the battery is always in a state of full power.

    2. According to the itinerary, the charging time is determined. The control time is 4-12 hours, and it can't be charged for a long time.

    3. When the battery is left for a long time, it needs to be fully charged and replenished once a month.

    4. Use the ankles to assist in getting started and uphill and top wind.

    5. When charging, use the matching charger and place it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. Do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock.