• How to maintain the battery board of the electric scooter?
    2019-06-01 01:49:06

    Electric scooters can replace the functions of cars and bicycles in many short-distance distance scenarios.

    The battery board of an electric scooter should be charged in time; it should be discharged periodically; it should not be stored under electricity.

    It is necessary to charge in time, and the salting reaction (sulfidation reaction) begins when the panel is discharged. In time, the active lead sulfate can be converted into active spongy lead and lead dioxide in time, and if left for more than 12 hours, the activity is active. The lead sulfate will crystallize again into larger crystal particles, becoming irreversible salinization (vulcanization). If you need to charge in time for each ride, the battery will be in a shallow cycle, which will extend the battery life.

    Regular deep discharge means 1-2 deep discharges per month. The so-called deep discharge refers to the complete discharge of the first undervoltage protection on a flat road under normal load conditions, or complete discharge with a discharge meter. That is, to reduce each individual voltage to 1.75V, and then fully charge, the battery capacity will be slightly improved.

    Non-under-storage storage refers to a battery that has been deactivated for a long time. First, fully charge the battery and store it again, and recharge it at least once a month.

    Electric scooter upgraded seat cushion tube structure, open panel to take the battery is very convenient, off-road vehicle-style handles, coupled with a beautiful shape, let you control it to become the focus of attention.