• How to choose the right electric scooter
    2019-06-01 01:55:27

    Electric scooters are fashionable, light and practical, and more and more young people like them. More and more electric scooter brands have begun to enter the market. Prices range from hundreds of yuan to several thousand yuan. The quality of products varies greatly. Certain safety hazards, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the quality of an electric scooter. How can I quickly pick a good electric scooter!

    1. Look at the size and qualification of the manufacturing company

    Some companies do not have the ability to produce electric scooters. They are often produced in small manufacturers. Large-scale electric scooters are often national high-tech enterprises with strong technical research and development capabilities and production capacity. A strict quality management system and production process specifications. Strict quality control is carried out from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, and product quality is trustworthy.

    2. Look at the product brand size

    Many electric scooters in the market come from unknown manufacturers. Even in this era of highly developed information, browsers can't find a trace of this product manufacturer. It is likely that there are three products, even when they are used. Security is not guaranteed, not to mention the after-sales problem. Therefore, try to choose a well-known brand when purchasing, and consult the relevant issues after the sale, so that you can use it more assured.

    3. Look at product design

    A good electric scooter can be expressed in various details. It must be closely combined with functionality and design. The appearance is highly recognizable. The comfortable riding experience runs through every detail and even in color. You have more choices to make the electric scooter easy to use and look good.

    4. See the selection of materials

    A good electric scooter is different from the selection of materials first, and the quality of the material is the basis. The two core components of an electric scooter are batteries and motors. As the heart of the electric scooter, the battery directly affects the cruising capacity and service life of the scooter. The motor is the engine of a car, which affects the driving dynamics of the car. The Arlang electric scooter uses a lithium battery, which has a larger capacity compared to other batteries and has a longer battery life.